About Counselling

Support That Makes a Difference


Counselling is for anyone who wants space to be able to talk and to feel heard. It can be a great support in times of change, personal crisis, and distress. 

Whatever you are feeling; whether you are unable to cope; depressed, anxious and challenged by life's circumstances, counselling can help.

Maybe it is memories of the past, or painful events in the present or worries about the future that are stopping you from enjoying your life.


Perhaps you find you are unable to work, socialise or achieve your goals, then talking to a professional (in confidence) can feel like you are taking some control back in your life.

To be able to find meaning, whilst being supported in a non-judgemental, empathic environment, can be the start of discovering a new, more fulfilled, happier you. 

Counselling can support your journey to a better future.